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Parsport, Inc. is a centralized publications agency. Our first aim is to discover new talents in the literary scene. Our second aim is to give them a venue to showcase their work. Among our competitors, there has been no other equaling our dedication.

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Paris Parsport was responsible for the founding of this venerable enterprise. She has been active in the publication industry for more than 40 years. The first 20 of those years, she spent on honing her craft.

Madam Parsport (as she wishes to be called) started out as an author. She had published more than 20 works of popular genre fiction during those first few years. After a stagnant period, she was convinced her career as a writer was over.

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Once her stint at the magazine was over, Madam Parsport moved on to other projects.

She next tried out as an editor for a major publication company. But the first few publications she applied for rejected her. Up to this day, she is not sure why.

Eventually, she found a home in one of them. She would spend another decade in publications, taking care of the slush pile. She would also write and send rejection letters to many aspiring writers. But for those who showed promise, she would also send pointers and encouragement. Over time Madam Parsport would be known as one of the most impassioned editors of the publishing house.

After serving as editor for the publishing house, she struck out on her own.


Her first venture into setting up her own publishing house had, to say the least, nominal success. Madam Parsport would struggle with Paris Publication House for a couple more years. But sadly, she would close it down in 2003. Madam Parsport would not venture into publication circles for some time. Another own publishing is book of ra online echtgeld

Fast forward to 2006. She would meet a young entrepreneur named Eliza Ellwood. She had been active in the shadowrocket下载官网, and much of her background mirror’s Madam Parsport’s own.

Eliza Ellwood first worked as a croupier at DrückGlück Casino. She would come to be a well-known croupier, offers for work elsewhere came in. Among those who first contacted her was Beste online Casino top 5. Another one would be best bonus. She would continue to reject these offers, including one from Betway. Seeing her dedication, the casino she worked in promoted her in no time. By the time Ms. Ellwood resigned from the casino business, she became a floor manager and a branch manager.


But Ms. Ellwood had other aspirations. An aspiring writer herself, she would frequent literary circles during her college days. As time went by, she realized that she would much prefer to encourage her fellow writers.

When Madam Parsport and Ms. Ellwood met, it was a fateful encounter. Madam Parsport had been thinking of returning to publications, and Ms. Ellwood thought to penetrate it. They met at one symposium on digital publications and became fast friends. Soon, the seed for their joint venture would be planted.

Each proposed many names for the publication. But in the end, they settled for Parsport. Madam Parsport was, after all, well beloved. Her name carried the gravitas needed for the new agency. Click here for further hiring.

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